Founded by Paul and co-founded by Joshua, LENZART studio is determined to deliver a new professional wedding and event photography concept to clients both locally in Malaysia and internationally, with more than 25 years of combined professional photography experience in the wedding and event industries.

Paul, previously founded and operated Paul Cheng Photography (www.paulchengphotography.com) was an engineer-turn-photographer professional after full time professionally involving in the industry for more than 10 years. Paul realise and ascertain only the best is accepted and will never settle for second in his photography works.

Joshua, previously founded and operated EYESHOT Studio, an international award winning photographer with numerous accolades, seeking to utilise his more than 17 years of professional wedding photography experience together with his team of photographers, to provide nothing but the best to exceed clients' expectations. Joshua started from the film camera era, where there was no second chance or relying on post-processing back then, realises only a fully trained and experienced photographic eye can accurately and precisely capture the exact moment with every single click of the camera with no mistake allowed. This is exactly the photography quality LENZART studio has to offer.

With Paul's experience in both engineering and photography world, paired with Joshua's artistic and unique photography approach, LENZART studio set on to change the existing paradigm of quality comes with high price to the concept of "Affordable Quality™". After all, we at LENZART studio, acknowledge that every of our clients deserve nothing but only the best for all their photography needs.

Talk to us, we have much to share especially on how "Affordable Quality™" works, to understand what work best for all your photography needs.

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